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St Mary’s BNS is a national school under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Limerick. The school is committed to the aims and principles of the primary school curriculum and seeks to promote the development of the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the child: intellectual, physical, cultural, moral, social and spiritual.

Scoil Mhuire aims to cherish and challenge children in a safe, secure and attractive learning environment. The school sees itself as an integral part of the parish and in partnership with the parents and the church seeks to nurture the Catholic faith through religious education, preparation for the sacraments and through the ethos of the school.

We hope to develop relationships based on respect and dignity for each person, child and adult alike. We strive to provide a warm, welcome and secure environment that is responsive to the needs of all. Close contact is maintained between the school and the home. Parents and teachers support one another and collaborate with one another as partners in leading the pupils to their full potential.

Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na ndaoine.